Embracing the legacy I was born in while making my own.

Totally wish I could spend my big lil sis birthday with her but I know we will do it big when I see her next! Love you @_smejia_ always got your back through thick and thin. Hope you enjoy your day mi amor💛 Pido a Dios sigue bendiciendo en la vida. No puedo esperar a verte pronto! 🎂🎊🎁

Gris ❔❕

#Repost from @carmtt44 with @repostapp —- 😔Smh I miss my dog so much that it kills me that I don’t even know where he is AT ALL!! Last time I heard I THOUGHT he was in the Bristol/Levittown area of PA taken care of😔. It’s been killing me every day since i found out nobody knows where he is. I love you Rico and I hope I find you and whoever has you!! #LoveMyDogToDeath #WatchWhoYouTrust


#CharlotteHornets #TrainingCamp #Day1Official

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Jesse Williams speaks the truth (X)

jessehimself is a wonderful human being

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Washington Days | #WizardsDays #LookingROUGH #DaddysGirl #PostGame #BifocalsOn1000 #DoMichaelJordanStillGotHisHoopEarringIn #Drizzy #Tbt #ItsThursday



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When It All Began… #YoureTheGreatest ❤️


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